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Dressage in Candelo

Entries are now open for CARC’s “Dressage in Candelo”
13th & 14th April 2019

CARC’s mission is to encourage riders and their horses to become confident and a happy team. Lets do it!

Entries are now open for CARC’s “Dressage in Candelo”
13th & 14th April 2019

Saturday 13th April 2019 – Arena Familiarisation. Half hour blocks. Ride your test, instructors welcome or test your freestyle. Audio will available.

Sunday 14th April 2019 – Tests offered Preparatory A & E, Preliminary A & B, Novice A & B, Elementary A & B, Medium A & B.

Event Fees:

Saturday 13th April 2019 Arena Familiarisation – half hour.

Sunday 14th April 2019 Dressage in Candelo – $25.00 per test

Ground Fee – $5.00 per horse

Camping – $10.00 per night

Yards are available for overnight stays only (but limited).

Please read the Conditions of entry, they’re very important.

Enter at Globalentriesonline


CARC Rally 23rd August 2015

The next CARC rally will be held at the Candelo Show Ground on the 23rd August 2015.  Cuppa from 9am,  Gear Check from at 10am.

Training Working Equitation – Ease of Handling and for those who want to go a bit quicker, well we will leave that open for you to decide.  We will try and get the pattern out next week so everyone can have some idea where they are going.

Its a great chance for everyone to run through a WEQ course before the MEA vs FSCDA Challenge which will be held on the 20th September at the Cooma Show Ground.  This is the second comp this year being hosted by MEA.

If you want some more info on how to enter or if you are eligible to compete for either MEA or FSCDA please ask on Sunday or email or if we are online you can now chat LIVE!